AFRH 3D Virtual Conference 2020

AFRH 3D Virtual Conference 2020

Project details

Virtual 3D Conferences is a thing that is new to the Nigerian event market. As innovation drives businesses, we have been constantly making research on virtual conferences be it in 2D and 3D.

Hence we introduce a first of its kind in Nigeria 3D virtual Conference/Event, the entire event was designed, planned, built and hosted by eventloft for the Association fertility and Reproductive Health of Nigeria.

We delivered the event with an amazing website design and an event website strictly for the general conference which was scheduled for 24 – 25 September 2020.

The event is hosted on zoom and in a virtual environment created specifically for the association with emphasis to the location of the event, while we handled all the part of programme from speaker lectures, sponsors adverts, booth segments etc.

  1. Design of the virtual environments by our in house architect
  2. Design of the website and registration portal for attendees and speakers
  3. Integration of virtual environment with the website and mobile screens.
  4. Embedding hotspots and landmarks in Abuja in the virtual environment.




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